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Our Advantage

Our Commitment

Our business, InnovAir Airconditioning Corporation, is a heating, ventilating, and air conditioning company operating in the Philippines since 2005.


Our team believes that success in this industry takes intense personal commitment, high-level technical expertise, and a dedication to building long-term relationships with our customers and suppliers. We employ only the most talented people, the newest technologies, and the best customer service approaches to meet and surpass our clients' needs.

Our company began as an eager start-up, solely relying on our dedication, integrity, and expertise as we carved out our niche in the industry. Years of operations hence, we have built a successful roster of satisfied clients, established productive relationships with our contractors and suppliers, and received various awards and recognitions from our peers in the industry.


For all your air conditioning needs, we are ready to innovate for you.

We are committed to the customer and our craftsmanship.


We work with integrity when we assure our clients the provision of a complete solutions package.


We have access to all major air-conditioning suppliers, thereby assuring our clients of the excellent quality of our equipment.


We have a partnership with various air-conditioning service centers all over the country to meet and deliver custom or specific technical needs.


Invest in us and we will invest in you.

Our lean organization affords us the ability to react quickly to changing conditions and technologies and to have great flexibility with regard to working arrangements with our clients. We also understand the value of money so our clients are assured that our pricing is competitive.

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